How To Use LitterMate to Control CAT Box Odors! designed to address mainly the odors coming from cat

litter boxes, regardless of what type of litter materials you already use. 

Cat owners simply add 1/2 to 1 cup of LitterMate product to your

average litter box, and within 24 hours you will notice less odor.


During months of side-by-side test marketing of various brands of other

popular odor control-based litter products, we noticed Cat's preferred

those with LitterMate over those with the common chemical "scent" 

additives. Cats preferred odor-free boxes over scented litter base,

which continue to release a modified level odors and scents.

Activated Carbon based LitterMate works and

has become the proven leader in litter box

odor control. As such, large litter brand

companies are looking to add it to their

own litter products.

We recognize that each cat is unique

and different. LitterMate allows the Cat

Owner to use any litter material they 

wish to use, and control the odor as

they may deem appropriate to address 

their unique situation. In most cases

1/2 cup works well for an average size

litter box, while 1 cup works a larger one.


LitterMate pellets will vary in length, but on average are 1/8" in diameter. Large enough to absorb cat urine and feces odors, while small enough to flow through most pooper-scoopers.


LitterMate is fragrance free, 100% organic and non-toxic. It extends the life of litter material from 3 to 4 weeks and will not track through the house. Once you try it for yourself, we believe you will want to stock up and use it long-term. Please send us a testimonial and share

our website with a

fellow Cat Owner. 


Thank you! 

Trust Me, You'll Love The Results! - TopCat

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