By August 2020 You Can Sell LitterMate in Your Own Store! is developing a number of defined retail packages to

allow Pet shop owners, pet service providers and other retailers to offer 

our product pouches.


Our initial Retailer Packages will offer discounts, a counter-top display box

(seen on right) or a hanging rack display (in picture below) to allow Partners  

to display products.


Each retailer package will offer 1 cup and 3 cup LitterMate pouches, and

options for our 8 cup bulk pouch. All pre-packaged units will feature UPC 

Codes for tracking and scanning identification.

Once established we will list our

Retail Partners location on this

website by state, city with map,

phone number and direct web

link at no additional charge,

provided they initially purchase

a Retail Partner Package equal to

$750 and buy a minimum of

$2,500 annually thereafter.


Our initial Retail Partner Package

will include 40 - 1 Cup LitterMate

Introduction Pouches , 30 - 3 Cup

Pouches and 5 - 8 Cup Pouches. 

They may select a rack display or

combination of box displays. All

UPC code stickers are on back

for tracking.

To simplify the order and distribution process, we will have these Retail Partner Packages pre-packaged for immediate shipment via UPS or FedEx ground. They include a reorder form that shares the discounts and other terms, which will also be online once we complete this phase of our business expansion.

If you are interested in selling LitterMate please send us an e-mail with your contact information.

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