What Makes Our LitterMate Product Unique 


LitterMate was developed to put litter box odor control back into the

Cat Owners hands. Regardless of the odor-control litter brands you

may be using today or tried in the past, adding just a 1/2 to 1 cup

of LitterMate completes the mission - to kill the odors completely.  

Prepackaged litter brands with built-in odor or scent control

use basic assumptions to produce a standardized formula and

product mixture. Although that may work for some owners

with a single house cat, it does not work well for those with two

or more Cats. Especially when a litter box is located within a closed

in space with poor ventilation.


This is due in part to the fact that Cat urine scents can vary based on several factors: including the food your Cat eats, its size, health, age and sex, the climate region they live in and even the amount of liquid intake. Those with two or more cats that share a single litter box, add even more complexity to the odor control issue.


We believe LitterMate meets all these challenges by allowing Owners

to adjust their litter box mixture with an added dose of our Activated

Charcoal product, as needed to knock down the odor levels. In some

cases, it even eliminates the odor of popular litter infused scents.

Cat do not like scented litter!


The question is not whether LitterMate works - it surely does. The real

question is whether the owner wants to regain control of their odor

problems or depend on a standard product that may or may not do the job.


In summary, LitterMate is designed to serve as the Owners key weapon to creating a better cat ownership experience. To win the "Odor Wars" by eliminating the negative aspect of the cat and owner relationship.


Sure, it may sound sort of corny, to say Odor Wars, but it matters. Regardless of the litter you may be using, with or without scent control, we ask you to try a minimum 1-cup sample of LitterMate today!  Let us know what you results where, and we thank you for that in advance.

Trust Me, You'll Love The Results! - TopCat

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