The LitterMateUSA Story is a wholly owned division of AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG), a privately-held Wyoming venture development and asset management firm.

LitterMate is 100% Organic and made from wood-based materials converted into an Activated Charcoal (Char) mixture, a proven odor control product.  It was first developed in 2012 by Canadian AgriChar of British Columbia, Canada (AgriChar), and they soon became the leader in odor control for pets.


The goal was to develop and offer Cat Owners a simple and eco-friendly litter box additive that could naturally absorb cat urine to neutralize the common smell litter boxes release, regardless of what base litter material the owner preferred to use.


In 2019, APVG struck an exclusive partnership with AgriChar to distribute LitterMate within the United States and develop a Retail Partner network within the North American market.

Cat Owners who have tried LitterMate in Canada continue reordering it, claiming it has made a very meaningful difference in eliminating the smell of their indoor litter boxes. In the current situation of being confined to your home, due to the global CCP Virus nightmare, this has become an even more important issue.


Our "Sample Test Marketing" has shown that American Cat Owners find LitterMate works better than expected, and as a result we believe it will become very popular. Although it is currently available only online through this website, we are un the process of building a network of Retail Partners. By later this year we hope to have LitterMate available in local pet shops or through pet service providers


To help expand our marketing efforts and obtain a growing list of testimonials, we are developing a reward based crowdfunding campaign to raise USD $100,000. We hope to launch it by June to expand our inventory, develop our Retail Partner network and attend the SuperZoo pet show in Las Vegas in late August 2020 to promote LitterMate.


Please consider contributing to our Crowdfunder once launched. As our thank you, we offer LitterMate 

packages as a reward for your cash contribution, as outlined on that campaign site. In the meantime, we thank you for your order today. Please share your LitterMate experience with us once you use it. 

Trust Me, You'll Love The Results! - TopCat

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