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LitterMateUSA.com is pleased to introduce a simple, safe and effective "New" product that helps solve one of the greatest challenges over 30 million cat owners in North America face - dealing with the lingering smell of their Cat litter boxes. Oh yeah, you get what we're talking about!


Although most cat owners grow accustomed to the background scent of their indoor litter boxes, or use a chemical based product to address the odor issue, we offer an environmentally safer solution. In fact, 9 out of 10 cats prefer LitterMate over similar odor solution products. (just kidding - no actual survey was ever taken of Cats).


However, Cat Owners who use our exclusively developed Activated Charcoal-based LitterMate agree, it works extremely well. They simply add 1/2 to 1 cup into their favorite litter box base material, mix it in, and within 24 hours they find it eliminates the smell. LitterMate also extends the life of your litter base material for up to three (3) weeks longer.


Best of all, however, is that friends, family and guests take immediate notice. In fact, without the obvious cat odor present, they often wonder if owners still have a cat. What's the big secret you ask? The short answer is Mother Nature!


LitterMate is made from Pacific Northwest forest-based wood products (like chips, sawdust and tree slash). This organic waste is processed using a specially designed environmentally safe Pyrolysis system that turns this waste into charcoal powder, known as Char.


This Char is mixed into a liquid slurry through another process, extruded

into small pellets, cut and dried, then packaged for immediate use by you. 

To keep it simple, we offer these sizes:


Our 1 Cup Introductory Package is the Try-it-You'll

Like-it size, suitable for one to two applications

depending on the size of your litter box. This size 

costs just USD $8.25, with FREE Shipping.


Our 3 Cup Package is good for 3 to 6 applications,

can last for several months depending on the size of 

your litter box or cats you have. It costs USD $19.75,

with FREE Shipping anywhere within the lower 48

United States.

For pet hotel operators, vet centers or those who wish to buy in the most cost effective larger size, 

we offer our 8 cup Bulk Package for pet hotel operators, vet centers or those who wish to buy it in bulk at a cost of $42.80 per unit, and ship for free within the 48 states. We are also developing several Retail Partner Packages for those who own a Pet shop or related businesses and would like to resell LitterMate. See the Retailer Tab on this website for more details.


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a Wyoming corporation. As part of our corporate commitment, we donate

ten percent (10%) of our gross sales to the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation,

profits to help them increase awareness of ocean-related issues like ocean

plastic waste, the reduction of overfishing and shark finning

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